Dr. Poppin’ Off revolutionises the fashion industry with their cutting edge new utility garment tech as solution to the staggering issue of 1.8 billion socks lost per year in the UK.

Haute-function streetwear brand, Dr. Poppin’ Off, has developed a unique patent pending Pop Lockin’ Sock System® that will save as many as 1.8 billion socks from going to landfill.

London, 16/1/2024 – Dr. Poppin’ Off, the sustainable haute-function technology-led streetwear brand, have announced the launch of their Pop Lockin’ Sock System® technology. This patent pending hardware allows customers to lock their socks together and assures they stay together throughout the washing, drying and storage processes, resulting in less lost socks and most importantly, less socks ending up in landfill. Dr. Poppin’ Off offer their customers a ‘Never lose a sock again, or your money back’ guarantee. Socks and other garments featuring this sustainable tech are available now at drpoppinoff.com.

A study conducted by Samsung (April 2016) found that, in the UK alone we lose around 84 million socks per month. That adds up to £1.8 billion per year for Britons and costs us around £2 billion. The groundbreaking Pop Lockin’ Sock System® will eliminate this issue for customers by guaranteeing the socks stay in pairs.

After four years in research and development, the resulting hardware which forms the system transcends its utility. Originally developed to end sock waste, Dr. Poppin’ Off realised that this same system could be broadened to other areas of streetwear and benefit a wider audience. The concept has led to the development of a whole line of sustainable streetwear that can be used from the every day to the extreme. For example ‘Gloves That Never Get Lost,’ : Real leather gloves that use the same Pop Lockin’ System® to lock the gloves to your jacket or bag. Hats that ‘Pop’ to bags and other super functional and innovative wearable tech. Ideal for skaters, snowboarders, motorcyclists and skiers as well as camping, hiking and festival enthusiasts.

Dr. Poppin’ Off
also feature puffa jackets, crossbody bags and backpacks to allow you to lock your socks, gloves or hats for safe keeping on the go. Their utilisation of wearable tech while designing for a maximalist streetwear audience answers the question, what would the world be like if utilitarian techwear allowed us to be bold.

With sustainability at the forefront of its practice, Dr. Poppin’ Off
engages in a heavily eco-friendly practice outside of their technological product development as well as within it, creating a rounded and curated practice. They use deadstock and organic cotton as well as recycled materials wherever possible to reduce the emissions caused by manufacturing.

Pop Lockin’ Sock System
® Details:

  • Unique hardware allows users to lock their socks, gloves and hats together during washing, storing and wearing

  • Lockable storage basics available as: crossbody bags, backpacks, puffa coats, t-shirts and jumpers

  • Hardware innovations that will dramatically reduce lost garments in landfill waste.

  • Deadstock buying practices and Organic cotton/ Recycled materials are used to reduce manufacturing emissions.

  • “I’m an artist, I've always been decorative and dramatic. I started snowboarding in 1989 and skating even earlier. I saw a gap in streetwear, I could never find a pair of socks. I invented the technology then took time out to go into garment research and the brand was put on the back burner. I took four years out to develop the technology and source sustainable materials and hone my practice. Whilst the art of keeping socks together is not new, achieving it effortlessly whilst keeping it cool at the same time, is. I always loved Maharishi, Stone Island and Stussy and I saw a way to create that vibe with a functional-lead as well.” - Julian Barnett Company Director.


Founded by British multimedia artist and Director Julian Barnett and Swedish design engineer, Dr. Paupenauve (MSc, PhD, Psych,MPerf,MA) Dr. Poppin’ Off
is a collaboration of Barnett’s head-strong body of work and Paupenauve’s expertise in the field. References to skate culture, 90’s rave and modern engineering are showered throughout their work. @drpoppinoff drpoppinoff.com. To contact email via PR at kayciaainsworth1@gmail.com.