How it started

About a year ago, our now CEO the esteemed Russian Inventor Dr. Poppinoff (pronounced Poppinov) had completely run out of matching socks.

So he purchased twelve beautiful new pairs.

Three months later, as is usual he couldnt find a single pair. 

Dr. Poppinoff was extremely agitated by this and so he turned his inventor brain to the task of working out how nobody had thus far created a sock that stays with its pair through a wash and drying cycle. 

Six months later Dr. Poppinoff had his eureka moment with the use of a simple pair of poppers (snaps for those in The USA).

Simply 'Pop' your socks together, 'Pop' them in the wash and 'Pop' them apart to wear.

Thus Dr. Poppin’ Off Socks were born.

We use only the finest cottons in producing these beautiful socks. The quality is first class. Pop a pair in your basket today and...

Never Lose A Sock Again!